Lose Weight FAST
for a Healthier YOU!

A New Me is a truly unique weight-loss clinic. Our physician-guided program will have you losing pounds quickly, safely, and without the gripping hunger of diet plans.  You will look better, feel better, and enjoy vastly improved health. 

The Safe, Effective Alternative to Dieting

If you’ve been on diet plans you know the drawbacks: hunger, frustrating setbacks, and often a return to your pre-diet weight or worse. Our program is different.  We combine prescription-grade  hGC - a revolutionary, natural fat burning compound - with a custom-tailored plan of healthy eating and regular exercise. The results can be astounding!

Find the Vitality You Thought You Had Lost

Getting thinner and loving how your body looks feels great, but our main focus at A New Me is your health. As you drop pounds your body responds. You have more energy, feel vital and may find that you actually enjoy exercise! As an added bonus, many of our patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes see a significant improvement in these chronic medical conditions.

  • I am actually enjoying this diet. So easy to follow and great support from the staff. The choices of food are things that I really like. Fruits, veggies and fish and chicken.
    – S.D.
  • When you walk in, it is a very calming environment. You are greeted right away. The people in the office are friendly and accommodating. The staff are all genuinely there to help, and answer questions.
    – S.S.
  • Staff has gone out of their way to respond to patent concerns. Would highly recommend their service. Very excited about the results of the New Me Program.
    – D.W.
  • I am very pleased with the entire experience. The staff is very professional and supportive. The diet is easy to follow and the food choices are great. I have nothing but praise for the program.
    – P.T.
  • I went to A New Me office here in Reno to find out what the program could do for me. From day one I WENT BY THE BOOK and visited on schedule and now I am down from 238 to 210 the people are so nice.
    – T.B.
  • The staff has been very supportive. They answer all the questions I've had and they call and check up on you which I think is great. I've just started and can already feel the difference in the way my clothes fit and how much energy I have.
    – N.A.
  • Dr. Lemons office staff is very nice and helpful and want you to be successful. This is my second time there, the first time I lost 30 pounds and am back because I want to lose more. What are you waiting for?
    – K.F.
  • The family staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. All my questions were answered and everyone is genuinely excited to help me succeed.
    – M.E.
  • If your try..you will succeed. With the support and guidance that you receive there is NO failure! I love the transformation that I am experiencing and the compliments!
    – L.D.
  • So far so good. I have been on the program 14 day and lost 11 lbs. Would have been more but I ate too much on 2 days. My fault. Lots of energy and I feel great.
    – C.S.
  • I love A New Me! They never make me feel bad about myself, they always look at the posititve and encourage me to stick with it to achieve my goal! I leave feeling positive and motivated to succeed
    – J.K.
  • You've got to give this a try! The staff at A New Me is incredible. They are always helpful and full of ideas to ensure your continued success. I've lost an incredible amount of weight since the day I walked in their door over a year ago.
    – B.P.
  • EAT!! EAT!! EAT!! I'm having a blast on this diet...friendly supportive staff. Knowledgeable and helpful. No, really...I can't eat all this food. LOL
    – V.R.
  • I am always impressed by the wonderful staff that work at A New Me. They are very informative, supportive and efficient. I am super excited to start the program. The team has given me focus and easy goals.
    – C.M.

The Support That Creates Success

You will find our dedicated team at A New Me professional, knowledgable and supportive. Your customized program begins with an exam and consultation with Dr. Dennis Lemon a Board-certified physician with over 30 of medical experience. Each client is followed by regular visits, monitoring your progress until your target goals are acheved.  We provide long term maintenance support to assist your efforts in maintaining your new metabolic weight set. 

Getting Started is Easy!

The regimen offered at A New Me is excellent for both men and women and getting started couldn’t be easier.  Just call or walk in to find out how you can look better and feel better, starting today!