5 Reasons to Try Botox®

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At A New Me Reno we specialize in helping our patients treat the effects that time has on our skin and our complexion. Botox® is one exciting tool we have at our disposal, which we’d like to discuss in today’s blog.

Read on for 5 quick reasons why Botox® might be for you.

1.) Botox® is Easy!

Botox® is quick, painless, and you can get it done within the span of an hour. We provide targeted injections to the area in question, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2.) Reverse the Signs of Aging

As we get older, wrinkles and fine lines start to become more and more apparent. Botox®, when applied when you first start seeing fine lines, can help you avoid getting deeper wrinkles prematurely.

3.) Botox® is Safe

Other cosmetic wrinkle elimination procedures can come along with bruising or even cause internal bleeding. Our Botox® treatments are far safer and have been approved by the FDA since 1989.

4.) Avoid Cumbersome Surgery

Botox® comes along with zero recovery time and it’s considered a minimally-invasive procedure. Many of our patients return to work right after their treatment and are completely free and clear to engage in normal everyday routines immediately. If there is any discomfort, we apply cold pads to the treatment area which will help cool and soothe. Patients are generally surprised by how fast and easy our Botox® treatments are.

5.) Because You Deserve It

It’s easy to get swept up in other people’s needs. After the holiday season it’s important to take a moment to focus on yourself. What better way than to give yourself a Botox® treatment, which will help shave years off of your complexion.

Call A New Me Reno Wellness and Aesthetics today and ask how a series of Botox® treatments might even help patients treat and reduce the occurrence of migraines significantly. Schedule your consultation with A New Me Reno today!

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