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Botox Blog

5 Reasons to Try Botox®

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At A New Me Reno we specialize in helping our patients treat the effects that time has on our skin and our complexion. Botox® is one exciting tool we have…


Cryotherapy for Injury Recovery

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It’s not really a secret that ‘Cryotherapy’ (an intensive and innovative therapeutic freezing treatment) has been known to work wonders in healing different injuries as well as slow the signs…

Rosacea Blog

Read Up On Rosacea

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The summer is here, which means that there’s a lot to look forward to: warm weather, cookouts, and pool parties! However, one negative thing the summer can bring is the…

Cryotherapy for Athletes

The Low-Down on Cryotherapy For Athletes

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Whether it’s through new forms of training or innovative strategies, high-level athletes are always looking for ways to get that extra ounce of performance. Many athletes will tell you that…