The Botox® Process

Botox® Cosmetic treatments are administered quickly with little or no pain. No anesthesia is required for the procedure. We administer injections with an ultra-fine needle, targeted directly into the treatment area. Discomfort is minimal, brief, and finished after the initial injection.

Most patients can return directly to work, free to engage in their normal, everyday activities right away. We can offer cold pads to put over the injected area to cool and soothe treatment areas. Most of our patients are impressed and surprised by how quick and painless the procedure is.

If you’ve had Botox® in the past at another office, we’d love to know about it, especially if you had a less than ideal experience. Dr. Lemon will make the necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable process that gleans the best results.


Don’t Settle for the “Worked-On” Look

You’ve heard the horror stories, we’re sure of it. The frozen in place, “worked-on” appearance after a Botox® fiasco is a botched attempt that we are able to avoid through practising safe and ethical standards. Dr. Lemon’s philosophy is to produce the most natural-looking results, bringing a level of artistry to Botox® application. We make sure to use the least amount of injections possible, ensuring your muscles don’t get too relaxed.

We leave you with real results, results that won’t hinder your facial movements, through Dr. Lemon’s extensive experience and expert finesse. We never administer a Botox® injection with a heavy hand. You can always count on enjoying and organic-looking result at A New Me.