Not Just for Professional Athletes

You might hear about world-class athletes enjoying state-of-the-art treatments like cryotherapy, but the procedure is not limited to this elite group of people alone. A New Me offers innovative cryotherapy for our patients, whether they are athletes, or simply experiencing chronic or acute pain.

Cryotherapy involves extreme cold applications used in a variety of ways, achieving youth-extension results which also benefit your overall wellness and recovery time. Cryotherapy has been used generations in athletics, starting with ice packs and evolving into Cryo-Sauna at A New Me.


Cryotherapy for Athletes

Our Cryo-Sauna at A New Me occurs in an enclosed chamber, providing athletes and rehabilitation recipients concentrated cryotherapy to improve healing and overall recovery time.

Cryo-Sauna Post-Injury Recovery

Are you an athlete looking to boost your performance? A New Me is the first medical clinic in Northern Nevada to offer whole body Cryotherapy in concentration chambers. Our Cryo-Sauna exposes the skin and areas of the body to super-cold temperatures, enriching your blood with oxygen and important age-defying nutrients.

Cryotherapy also provides anti-inflammatory effects which aid with joint disorders, muscle soreness, and may help relieve chronic pain in 10 treatments or less. Whether you’re performing at the peak of your abilities or nursing an injury, cryotherapy for athletes at A New Me can give you the added boost you need to take you over the top.

Cryotherapy can achieve amazing results for acute and chronic injuries. Cryotherapy in incorporated into our non-surgical treatments for multiple therapeutic purposes, including:

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Inflammation or injury
  • Pain and swelling post-surgery

Cryotherapy acts by reducing blood flow to the targeted area (reducing pain and swelling), acting as a natural numbing agent. Cryotherapy also reduces muscle spasms reduce and tissue metabolism.

Cryotherapy Advantages
  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced edema formation
  • Enhanced and improved tissue healing
  • Temperature reduction / inflammation reduction

  • Reduces need for post-injury pain maintenance and medication
  • Improved rehabilitation
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage — a key to improved healing
  • Increased oxygen and blood flow to injury site
  • Speeds damaged tissue recovery
  • Quickens workout recovery time
  • Decreased downtime for intensive training