Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

At A New Me Reno we do everything we can to enhance the comfort and ensure the safety of our patients. By and large, we get very little negative feedback about laser tattoo removal. We do this by incorporating cutting edge technology — the Cutera Enlighten laser system.

Some discomfort and irritation can occur, but we can provide topical numbing agents that will decrease sensitivity. Many patients who’ve undergone the treatment say it’s virtually pain-free.

What if I have darker skin?

Cutera Enlighten works on all skin types for laser tattoo removal, hyperpigmentation treatment, age spot removal, and laser skin toning.

Who is affected by hyperpigmentation?

Nearly half the US population is susceptible to pigmentary concerns, based on recent surveys conducted by the ASDS (American Society of Dermatologic Surgery). About 71% of people who live with hyperpigmentation actively seek out tone and texture improvement treatments. The Cutera Enlighten laser tattoo removal technology incorporated at A New Me Reno services this need and delivers amazing results.

Why would I want to get rid of my tattoo?

There could be a number of reasons a patient might seek out laser tattoo removal in Reno, NV. You might have gotten this tattoo at a certain point in your life that you’ve now moved on from. Maybe you’ve gotten some sun exposure and the tattoo is now faded, or maybe the tattoo has stretched and sagged over time — it’s only natural. No matter the reason, A New Me Reno offers non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic dermatology and tattoo removal to our valued patients at an affordable price.

What is the most effective method of tattoo removal?

There are many techniques from the past still used today, such as salabrasion, scarification, excision, creams, cumbersome surgeries (including cryosurgery), and a number of additional ways medical professionals use to remove tattoos. Most of these treatments will leave a scar behind. Cutera Enlighten incorporates cutting edge technology that is the safest and most widely recommended treatment method by medical industry experts. Only in extremely rare cases does laser tattoo removal or skin toning leave scars behind.

Can you remove color ink?

Yes! Cutera Enlighten can remove green, orange, yellow, and a number of other tattoo colors. During your initial consultation we’ll determine the best route of treatment. There are some scenarios where laser tattoo removal might not be able to remove 100% of the tattoo, but this will be discussed ahead of time. A New Me Reno provides compassionate care and believes in transparency. We’ll work hard to give you the treatment you need in the safest and most effective way possible.

Will my skin scab?

Some methods of tattoo removal will cause the skin to break up the ink and force it to the surface of the skin to scab over. But Cutera Enlighten uses rapid pulses that penetrate into the skin, breaking up pigmentation with dual wavelengths, activating the body’s healing processes to absorb and dispose pigmentation. Blistering and irritation can occur. A New Me Reno will give you all the follow-up care you need to ensure optimum results.

How many treatments will I need?

This is going to vary on account of tattoo size, color, and location. Generally, average tattoos will take 3-6 treatments or more to achieve desired results, depending on the patient. Many tattoos we are able to completely remove at A New Me Reno.

When can I start laser tattoo removal or hyperpigmentation treatments?

Schedule your initial consultation today to learn more about the ways that A New Me Reno can enhance your beauty, your health, and your life. We’ll discuss your aesthetic enhancement goals, whether it’s laser tattoo removal or laser skin toning. Together we’ll help you achieve a new level of comfort in your own skin.