If you suffer from hyperpigmentation in Reno, then A New Me Reno can help. We specialize in non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic dermatology services, from age spot treatment and removal, to laser tattoo removal. We combine concentrated, compassionate care with cutting edge technology. Revitalize your skin and your look.

Our hyperpigmentation treatments (sometimes referred to as “laser facials”) can ease and remove discolorations and also laser tone the surface of your skin, resulting in a radiant, more even complexion.

Hyperpigmentation can happen for myriad reasons. It can be rooted deep in genetics, or it can happen as the result of excessive photodamage, sun exposure that wreak havoc on your skin, making you appear years older. The skin will age, it’s inevitable. But you no longer have to accept the results. Science and technology have come a long way, and you no longer have to go through dermabrasion or invasive acid peels to achieve dramatic results.

Cutera Enlighten with PICO Genesis

Our Cutera Enlighten laser incorporates PICO Genesis technology, which works to lighten and remove hyperpigmentation (age spots, liver spots, melasma, etc.). Enlighten improves the appearance of brown spots caused by photodamage, genetics and aging, blotchy redness, broken or damaged blood vessels, and can also smooth out skin imperfections. It’s such a versatile non-surgical tool because it operates on dual wavelengths, with rapid pulse durations. It results in dramatic results in fewer treatments than other lasers on the market.

Nearly half the US population is susceptible to hyperpigmentation or pigmentary concerns of some sort. Based on recent surveys conducted by the ASDS (American Society of Dermatologic Surgery), 71% of these people who live with hyperpigmentation are seeking tone and texture improvement treatments. A New Me Reno is happy to offer hyperpigmentation treatments in Reno that provide non-invasive alternatives to costly and risky surgeries.

Cutera Enlighten will activate your body’s own collagen producing capabilities in the process, giving your face volume, removing skin irregularities. During your initial consultation we will review your unique situation and decide what the best course of treatment is to suit your individual needs. We don’t believe in providing one-size-fits-all treatment. A New Me Reno custom tailors our approach, because no two patients are the same.

Contact A New Me Reno today. Together, we’ll leave you feeling a lot more comfortable in your own skin.