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Tattoos are more popular than ever, which means that tattoo removal is also on the rise. Like any other technology, new advances come with each new year. For every awesome tattoo you see out there, there is one that didn’t go over so well. Also, people grow out of their tattoos — it’s only natural. Luckily, in this day and age, tattoos no longer have to be permanent. Whether it was the product of acting on a whim, or a well-planned fiasco, just because you have a tattoo, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.

getting-tattooedA New Me Reno provides non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic enhancement procedures, one of which is our exciting laser tattoo removal treatment, which can lighten or get rid of unwanted tattoos completely. We’re excited to unveil our Cutera Enlighten™ laser system, which incorporates PICO and NANO Technology, dual-wavelengths to treat pigmentary and aesthetic concerns.

Ink particles come in many shapes and sizes, and tattoos can come in a variety of colors, which represents a unique challenge inherent in tattoo removal. The Cutera Enlighten™ delivers multiple wavelengths at high power, which targets and treats at variable depths. This is a critical advancement in the world of laser tattoo removal. No longer do patients have to undergo excision or trichloroacetic acid treatments. No longer does a patient have to go under the knife to get rid of their tattoo. The Cutera Enlighten™ laser is a game changing treatment option, delivering the results that patients have truly desired from tattoo removal procedures, but were never able to achieve in the past.

How Many Individuals Remove Their Tattoos?

With tattoos being more popular than before, the number of tattoo removal cases are also growing. Similar to other industries, new developments are regularly occurring each year in this field. While many people love their ink, there are others who are not as pleased with what is on their skin. In addition, people who get older eventually outgrow their love for their tattoos, which makes them seek out removal procedures. This is natural, but the primary question is how has technology changed how people get the procedure done? Laser technology has the answer.

How Effective are Lasers Against Tattoos?

Introduced from Cutera is the Enlighten laser system. This is a technology that incorporates PICO and NANO Technology, dual-wavelengths for treating pigmentary and aesthetic problems. In addition, PICO Genesis Skin Toning is applied to decrease the pigmentation that arises naturally as patients age. It facilitates the natural collagen generating systems. It can be effective for all skin types, making laser skin toning easier and more impactful than ever. PICO Genesis helps patients achieve dramatic results and is applicable to the face and body. Laser toning is highly popular in Asia, where it is the primary procedure for treating pigmentary concerns and brightening the skin in general. With Enlighten, PICO, and NANO Technology, patients can treat a range of tattoos and pigmentary concerns.

Contact A New Me Reno today. We’ll schedule your initial consultation, set realistic goals for your laser tattoo removal treatment, and get you on the path to wiping the slate clean again. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to get rid of your tattoo are your own, but the problem of getting rid of that tattoo is ours. Depending on the size, scale, and color of your tattoo, after a set amount of treatments, our Cutera Enlighten™ laser can successfully deliver results that you might not have known were possible. New skin is only a phone call away.