Our medical weight loss programs are for adults who are serious about losing weight. Medical weight loss targets root causes of obesity and weight gain, providing targeted treatment.

A New Me provides our patients with Medical weight loss treatments. Medical weight loss does not involve some diet pill or some cumbersome surgery. It is more of a targeted weight management program based on concrete, medical, scientific evidence which sheds light on root causes of weight gain and obesity. Our trained doctors and medical practitioners provide treatment and education to our patients. We provide guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life.

Post Injury Recovery

Who Benefits from Medical Weight Loss?

A-New-Me-Reno-HCG-Weight-Loss1Medical weight loss is designed to help anyone who has specific weight loss goals in mind. No matter if you’d like to lose 100 pounds or that last, elusive ten pounds to reach your target weight, A New Me is here to craft a custom-tailored plan that works for you.

Reduce the risk of serious medical conditions down the road by addressing weight problems today.

What Sets A New Me Apart from the Rest of the Noise

Other medical weight loss providers and commercial programs don’t take the personal approach that we take. We know that no two people are the same, so no two medical weight loss programs are the same at A New Me. We custom tailor our treatment to suit your individual needs. We use our medical expertise and state of the art technology to reach goals of the highest ambition.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss with A New Me Include:

  • Working with Medical Professionals to Achieve Your Goals
  • Highly Personalized Treatment Based on Metabolism, Body Type, Body Composition, and Personal Health Profile
  • Educational Benefits that Last a Lifetime