Read This if You’re Tired of Living with Rosacea

The American Academy of Dermatology posted that the US Government reports over 14 million people in the country live with rosacea, most of which living between age 30 and 50. The National Rosacea Society asserted in 2010 that epidemiological data gathered at the time suggested there are more like 16 million Americans living with rosacea. You can imagine how much that number has grown and will grow leading into the next decade. Either way you look at it, that’s a lot of people living with what can often be an unwieldy skin condition.


Even though so many people live with skin redness and rosacea, the medical and dermatological community still does not know for certain what causes the skin condition itself. Even the experts can’t seem to agree on one concrete cause or reason; it’s an ongoing debate, as a matter of fact. Many have their own opinions and theories, but there are known triggers and explanations to why skin redness, swollenness, flushing, and vein disorders occur and flare up in select individuals.

Common Theories Surrounding Rosacea Include:

  • Vein disorders causing skin redness and abnormalities in blood flow.
  • Light skin color.
  • Microscopic skin mites (gross, right?).
  • H. pylori bacteria in the gut releasing polypeptides that cause vein dilation and inflammation.
  • Genetics and family history of rosacea.

Rosacea Triggers

There are a host of variables that can affect your rosacea. Alcohol consumption, temperature extremity, steam baths and saunas, hot yoga class, acute medical conditions, caffeine, spicy foods, hot beverages, extended exercise, anxiety or embarrassment, and a number of additional triggers can leave you with an intense flare up.

So, what if we told you we had the perfect lunch-time procedure to treat your rosacea?

If you’re looking for an immediate wow factor right off the bat, there are other procedures to explore. But for sustained, progressive rosacea treatment, A New Me is pleased to offer our patients the Cutera Laser Genesis experience.

How it Works

Tired of dealing with peels, IPL and topical skin care products? Laser Genesis is non-invasive and there is zero downtime or discomfort. The procedure takes about forty-five minutes and is virtually pain free. Monthly treatments minimize both skin and ocular rosacea, even rosacea and redness affecting the neck area.

Laser Genesis drapes your face in 8,000 to 10,000 pinpoints of laser energy which warm the skin gently, evenly, and precisely, delivered through a easy-glide handpiece. Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that activates collagen structure under the skin, awakening skin regeneration processes, leaving behind nothing but an amazing complexion. Treat damaged blood vessels which promote skin redness, reduce enlarged pore size, and treat other areas of hyperpigmentation and melasma without ever resorting to surgery.


Patients may experience redness immediately after Laser Genesis treatments — generally for 30 minutes after each rosacea treatment. Most patients experience sustained results for 6 to 12 months, even longer in some cases. Generally patients achieve optimum results in 6 treatments or less, most treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, depending on skin type and responsiveness to treatment.

A Difference in Your Rosacea that You Can Really See

You’ll notice the difference in your before and after photos. Imagine a world where you no longer have to check your complexion before a photo op. Is that you constantly covering up your cheeks, neck, chin, or any other area of your face susceptible to rosacea? In an easy series of progressive treatments, we will help you experience smoother skin with less redness and reduced skin flushing.

How to Extend Your Laser Genesis Results

Duration of results can vary depending on the way that you treat and take care of your skin. Protecting yourself with a broad spectrum sunblock (SPF 50 or above) will greatly increase the longevity of your results. Keep a strong skincare regimen that we can help tailor to your needs at A New Me. Put that in conjunction with a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle where you stay away from excessive alcohol use and you will be set up for success.