A New Me Tattoo Removal Before and After
A New Me Tattoo Removal Before and After


It’s no secret that concern about whether or not a tattoo will cost you a job is one of the primary reasons a person is hesitant to get a tattoo. It’s also a common reason why some of our patients visit us at A New Me med spa, where we feature innovative, non-surgical Cutera Enlighten technology that can help you wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Whatever your reason is for tattoo removal, we’re here to help.

Views on Tattoos are Steadily Changing, but Some Folks Still Aren’t Fans

Some employers are less than friendly towards our tattoo-wielding friends. It’s unfortunate that many folks still consider getting a tattoo as an act of rebellion. Social researcher Mark McCrindle asserts otherwise, stating that “in a generation tattoos have been transformed from a sign of rebellion and nonconformity to symbols of personal meaning and life-change.”

Tattoos Can Still Affect Your Candidacy

Yet, still, some employers are still averse to visible tattoos. There are some arenas where they are acceptable, such as bars, coffee shops, hip start-ups, and professional sports. For instance, whether an athlete has a full arm sleeve, it’s not going to affect the way they perform on the field. The same is true of any other job, but the main line of work that might change their mind about a potential candidate based on whether or not they have a tattoo tend to be client-facing positions. This extends to places like food and beverage, too. Most chain or corporate restaurants make their employees cover up their tattoos, either with longer sleeves, or an armband of some sort, depending on visibility.

Think About Your Ink First

If you’re going to go through with that tattoo, you might want to consider getting it in a place less visible, like the back, the shoulder, or places that can easily be covered by a short sleeved shirt.

But what if you just have to have a tattoo? And the only place you want it is all over your arm, or your neck, or even your face? In such cases, you can certainly find progressive employers or boutique businesses that will still hire you and respect your desire to express yourself through body art. It’s important to know that, when it comes to hipness and decorum, one is not better than the other.

Protect Yourself Against Tattoo Remorse

Yes, tattoo remorse is a thing. Whether you’re trying to increase your chances of nailing that interview with that established powerhouse company, or you’re just tired of looking at that yin and yang tattoo on your bicep, we can help. If any sort of tattoo is decreasing your quality of life in any way, then A New Me will assist your with your tattoo removal in Reno, as well as the surrounding areas of Truckee Meadows and Lake Tahoe. We have the ability to successfully remove that tattoo in a series of treatments spanning over a few months. Call A New Me med spa today to schedule your consultation.