Read About the Positive Results Our Patients Have Enjoyed at Our Medical Spa

Had a great check up for my program at A New Me again. My usual contact was out that day so I was with a new assistant who was very personable, professional and quick. The office is always clean and everyone is eager to give supportive tips for while on the program.
– B. S.

Wow…28 pounds in 25 days. A New Me is one of the few business that actually lives up to it’s hype. They do what they say and in a caring and supportive way. They are all about the customer, which is refreshing.
– B. M.

The family staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. All my questions were answered and everyone is genuinely excited to help me succeed.
– M. E.

Lifechanging Experience. One of the best decisions I have made. In a small amount of time, with the support and knowledge of the staff, I have lost inches and pounds that would not have been possible in the amount of time and ease this program and staff have provided. I will continue to use and refer others to A New Me in Reno for successful results.
– R. K.

I have battled with my weight for 30 years. I have tried every diet out there with limited success. Although I lost weight on a few of the diets, it was followed by packing on the lost pounds plus more. As I near my 50th birthday and the 300 pound mark I knew I had to react. I am currently on my 2nd 50 day program and have lost 60 lbs! I am getting closer to my goal and “A New Me” The diet is easy and the staff is supportive, knowledgeable and FUN!! Martha is my motivational Mentor!
– W. R.

Dr. Lemon’s office staff is very nice and helpful and want you to be successful. This is my second time there, the first time I lost 30 pounds and am back because I want to lose more. What are you waiting for?
– K. F.

EAT!! EAT!! EAT!! I’m having a blast on this diet…friendly supportive staff. Knowledgeable and helpful. No, really…I can’t eat all this food. LOL
– V. R.

I went to A New Me office here in Reno to find out what the program could do for me. From day one I WENT BY THE BOOK and visited on schedule and now I am down from 238 to 210 the people are so nice.
– T. B.

I am actually enjoying this diet. So easy to follow and great support from the staff. The choices of food are things that I really like. Fruits, veggies and fish and chicken.
– S. D.

Staff has gone out of their way to respond to patent concerns. Would highly recommend their service. Very excited about the results of the New Me Program.
– D. W.

I highly recommend A New Me Reno! The staff is knowledgeable and helpful in getting your personal needs met. They have a wide set of tools to help you lose weight, making you healthier than you were before. All it takes is a little commitment on your part…
– C. J.

I have several friends that have experienced great success with this amazing program. I am now experiencing the same daily success. I have never felt better, and I’m even sleeping better!! All with the support of a wonderful and caring staff.
– H. K.

So far so good. I have been on the program 14 day and lost 11 lbs. Would have been more but I ate too much on 2 days. My fault. Lots of energy and I feel great.
– C. S.

I am always impressed by the wonderful staff that work at A New Me. They are very informative, supportive and efficient. I am super excited to start the program. The team has given me focus and easy goals.
– C. M.

I had a great experience. This is a wonderful program to get you back on track to eating foods that are good for your body. It was easy and I was never hungry! The staff was very knowledgeable and supportive – I highly recommend this program.
– J. C.

I am very pleased with the entire experience. The staff is very professional and supportive. The diet is easy to follow and the food choices are great. I have nothing but praise for the program.
– P.T.

When you walk in, it is a very calming environment. You are greeted right away. The people in the office are friendly and accommodating. The staff are all genuinely there to help, and answer questions.
– S.S.

Love this place and the program! The staff is so helpful and friendly. They are very knowledgeable and are always available to answer my questions when I call (and I call often!). The program works and the staff is so positive and supportive…they truly want me to succeed. They understand the challenges and have helpful hints and tips for me to overcome any obstacles, even before I encounter them.
– J.O.

I fought my extra 30# weight gain for 3 years, working out like mad 2x/day. Minimal results – perplexing. But at 64, maybe things have chganged for me. Relunctantly and with no anticipation of anything, I started, followed the program to a T and a month and a half later, I am 28# less than before. No urges nor huge struggles. Thank You A New Me. Your assistance was wonderful. I am wearing all my pants that were moved off teh shelf 3 years ago. Now to get back into decent shape again !!
– T.M.

I am thrilled to be a client of A New Me Reno. The staff is wonderful, especially Martha 🙂 The support, encouragement and praise helps so much to stay on track, and the results are amazing. This is the best decision I have made for myself to get healthier and feel better inside and out. If you can commit yourself 100% to the protocol prescribed by Dr. Lemons, YOU WILL SUCCEED. Thank you to everyone at A New Me Reno!
– H.M.

Can not believe results!!!! The diet was not at all difficult for me. I was very diligent in following the instructions…I lost about 30 lbs. and lots of inches. Since finishing my 5 week plan, I was on maintenance and taking the HCG sublingual spray…I have continued to gradually still loose a few pounds and am eating normally…amazing !!…Also, I feel the staff is almost a 2nd family to me…I will still continue to visit them for vitamins , etc…otherwise I will miss them !!…
– J.

The staff has been very supportive. They answer all the questions I’ve had and they call and check up on you which I think is great. I’ve just started and can already feel the difference in the way my clothes fit and how much energy I have.
– N.A.

Best diet plan I have ever been on. I lost 25 pounds my first time and am just starting round 2. My goal is to lose 50 pounds total and I am well on my way. The staff at A New Me is so friendly and helpful and it is a pleasure to go there for the reinforcement and pats on the back.
– P.B.

An amazing and supportive place! I heartily endorse and recommend A New Me Reno. The caring staff is available whenever I’ve needed them. Not only will you lose weight and feel better, you’ll be surrounded by great people encouraging you every step of the way!
– T.O.

Thank You to A New Me for helping me finally lose weight. I can’t believe how fast the weight came off, and how much better I feel. My blood pressure is better, my knees don’t hurt, and I look years younger. I love the support I receive and the continued encouragement. Kudos to everyone at A New Me!
– V.Y.

This was the Passport to a New Me.. Weight Down – Check. Blood Pressure Down – Check. Inches Off – Check. Feel Great – Check. Knowing what to do and doing it has been the challenge for me but with the New Me’s well laid out plan and support as others have said makes the doing possible.I highly recommend this plan to change your life if weight loss is a goal. Even on maintenance I’ve been able to maintain and lose. Several of my coworkers have also had great success as well. Good luck and Thank You A New Me – Reno…
– C.

You’ve got to give this a try! The staff at A New Me is incredible. They are always helpful and full of ideas to ensure your continued success. I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight since the day I walked in their door over a year ago.
– B.P.

I love the people in this office. They are helpful with every question I have, and are very friendly. They have made this successful journey much easier. A New Me has helped me reach a long time goal of losing 60 lbs, and going from a size 24 to an 18. Thanks A New Me.
– J.M.

I have tried everything to lose the 50 pounds I have gained since turning 50 and nothing has worked. I began A New Me program about a month ago and lost 15 pounds in the first 28 days. I am also dropping inches everywhere. I will not stop until I reach my goal. I am learning to eat healthy so I can maintain my ideal weight when I get there. I don’t feel hungry or tired. The staff is wonderful.
– J.G.

The staff at A New Me Reno is so friendly and always make you feel welcome to contact them anytime with questions or concerns. The diet is great, not too rigid, and you have lots of choices, as long as you stay away from certain food ingredients. But the book is very clear on what is possible, and even has strategies on plateau breakers – the first diet I ever saw to have that. I highly recommend this clinic and this diet to anyone who needs it, especially if you don’t have time to exercise.
– K.H.

I love A New Me! They never make me feel bad about myself, they always look at the positive and encourage me to stick with it to achieve my goal! I leave feeling positive and motivated to succeed
– J.K.

The staff is absolutely great. The nurses are so knowledgeable and friendly it has made this a pleasant experience. This was a big decision both emotionally and monetarily so their demeanor has been greatly appreciated. Haven’t been on diet long so we will have to see how that goes. Hopefully the pounds will drop off as advertised.
– T.S.

If your will succeed. With the support and guidance that you receive there is NO failure! I love the transformation that I am experiencing and the compliments!
– L.D.

Fantastic Program! All of the staff at A New Me were friendly and helpful which made my appointments enjoyable. The program might be challenging but if followed will produce results! I was not significantly overweight, but did have pounds I couldn’t live with anymore. I lost 15lbs and 10.75 inches total in 25 days and I am keeping them off!
– T.B.

Wow – not even a week since I started and I am losing weight. This program REALLY works!!. All of the staff are wonderful, like true friends – there for you and so helpful. I am so glad that I made that call and that first step. Thank you for a NEW ME!!
– K.Y.