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Whether it’s through new forms of training or innovative strategies, high-level athletes are always looking for ways to get that extra ounce of performance. Many athletes will tell you that it’s not necessarily how you perform, but how you recover from workouts or injuries that sets you apart from the pack. Recovery is just as important as how you train.

At A New Me Wellness and Aesthetics, we know how important it is for athletes to enhance their performance through every means possible, which is why we’re giving you everything you need to know about cryotherapy — and our innovative new Cryo-Sauna.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, at its core, is the usage of cold temperatures for health benefits. Historically, this has meant something as simple as sitting in an ice bath (which all athletes know well), or using cold packs on an injury or wound. Recently, however, technology has allowed cryotherapy to advance, and now cryotherapy often consists of bathing the body in liquid nitrogen vapor for a variety of health benefits that can range from reducing inflammation to potentially boosting your immune system.

What Benefits Does Cryotherapy Have For Athletes?

There are a wide variety of benefits athletes can derive from Cryotherapy. One of the most useful is that cold temperatures can help athletes recover much faster from physical exercise, which is undoubtedly a key factor in the growing popularity of Cryotherapy among athletes such as Kobe Bryant and biohackers like Ben Greenfield. Cryotherapy also can increase metabolism and energy, allowing athletes to train harder and build muscle more efficiently.

How Is Cryo-Sauna Different?

Unlike traditional cryotherapy chambers, which are essentially walk-in freezers, the Cryo-Sauna is a chamber that only surrounds the user up to the neck, leaving the head exposed.

It’s important to note that this is still a form of full-body therapy, since the Cryo-Sauna provokes a full-body response from users, even with their head outside of the device. Because of this, Cryo- Saunas allow users all the power of advanced cryotherapy with the added benefits of improved convenience and safety.

To conclude, Cryotherapy is a powerful way for athletes to keep themselves as healthy as possible while they strive for glory. Even better news for athletes seeking that extra edge: we’re happy to offer plenty of cryotherapy services at A New Me! All you have to do is come in for a consultation and our dedicated professionals can tell you how cryotherapy is right for you and help get you started using a variety of methods, including the Cryo-Sauna.

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